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10 Interesting Facts About VOIP Software – VoiPinger

In previous blogs, we have taken a look at exactly what VOIP software is and how it can benefit businesses across London. However today we’re going to be looking at 10 interesting facts about VOIP in itself that you might not be aware of and some might surprise you some might you have already been aware of…

  • You might think that VOIP software is new but you would actually be wrong. Believe it or not, the first call made through VOIP was back in 1974 over 45 years ago! It was made by the US Military through a project that they had ongoing at the time called ARPANET.
  • It wouldn’t be unusual to have to listen to adverts on VOIP calls traditionally. Before companies were able to monetize their services through subscriptions from businesses the only way they could generate an income would be through adverts.
  • VOIP software in part was one of the major contributors to many companies outsourcing their call centres abroad. Not having to have a physical phone line but rather just an internet connection allowed many businesses to save money by outsourcing to countries with low labour costs. 
  • VOIP allows consumers to save up to 90% on the costs of international calls. Typically you would expect to be almost extortionate rates to call abroad however VOIP technology means that you are paying nowhere near as much as you typically would have been.
  • VOIP Software and the data it was transmitted across the internet was accounting for up to 25% of all traffic by the turn of the century.
  • It’s expected by next year (2021) up to 90% of all businesses not just in London but globally with have adopted VOIP services.
  • One of the earliest software packages to incorporate VOIP that most people might not have been aware of was Skype.
  • Here in the UK all VOIP calls made and received are regulated by the independent governing body OFCOM.
  • If you’re a business based in London or the UK you don’t really have any other option than to switch to VOIP. Landlines require an ISDN connection that will cease to function by the year 2025.
  • VOIP Software works by turning your voice into data packets that are then transmitted across the internet and then opened up when received by the person on the other end.

Now that you know just how heavily adopted VOIP is and that nearly all businesses are using it. If you’re not it’s heavily advised that you make the switch soon before you’re forced to in 2025. If you’re a business based in London here at VoiPinger we can help in providing bespoke quality VOIP technology to your business so that you can make the transition sooner rather than later to using VOIP.

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