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Fibre Internet

Make business operations much faster and more reliable by using Fibre Broadband! With speeds up to 10 Gbps, you can get unlimited data, symmetrical speed and full fibre internet infrastructure. We offer 100% fibre broadband service. By switching now, you can start enjoying fast, reliable internet in London’s 32 boroughs. It’s never been easier! At the same time, we help you quickly by setting up this service for 4-8 weeks. Our CLI Secure Fibre Broadband services save you both time and money. Join the privileges of Fibre Broadband without waiting any longer!

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Fibre Broadband

London’s widest choice of business broadband speeds from the #1 Internet Service Provider.

Unlimited data | Symmetrical speed | 100% Full fibre | Available in 32 London boroughs

150 Mbps

Upload / Download


£63 /monthly

Perfect for bussines using cloud based apps and storage.

400 Mbps​

Upload / Download


£108 /monthly

Great for growing businesses with multiple users of cloud based apps, storage and digital services such as video calling.

1 Gbps

Upload / Download


£270 /monthly

Ideal for businesses with heavy users of bandwidth, cloud-based apps, downloads and storage.

5 Gbps

Upload / Download


£335 /monthly

Excellent for businesses looking for a leased line replacement with gigabit speeds at a significantly reduced cost.

10 Gbps

Upload / Download


£722 /monthly

Ultimate for high data transfer requirements, large teams using data heavy apps and provides the fastest speed available on the market.


Prioritised Business Support​

Business broadband only shares bandwidth with other businesses. At the same time, your connections are distributed at the highest speed within your plant. Reliability increases and your data moves only through our business network. This way you never compete with residential lines for bandwidth. It also offers advanced service level agreements and high download and upload speeds.

Business Broadband

Our experts investigate the current speed and durability of your business based on the local telephone exchange and the connection to your company facilities. It also gives you advice on this issue, helping you to make much better progress. Internet connections with the network provided by our company are for “Solo Business”. In short, even during peak times, residential use allows you to use it without interrupting your upload and download speeds. If your speed drops, we’ll start working full throttle with our network engineers as a business-critical priority. For this, we first test the hardware and provide diagnostic checks.

If the internet speed you’re using is slow, or if you need to upgrade to a newer, more flexible fibre connection, you can reach out to our team and take advantage of our attractive fibre packages. We offer you the best results with our business-class Wi-Fi router and 24/7 monitoring, and instant support services.

Same download and upload speeds

Unlimited data

100% full fibre broadband

1 static IP address included (option to buy more)

99.9% up-time reliability. Business SLAs & service guarantees

Broadband failure backup (4G mobile WiFi solution)

Fibre Broadband FAQ

We offer a quick installation service ranging from 4 to 8 weeks.

Our internet infrastructure is also available in 32 boroughs of London.

Internet speed is symmetric. Thus, it provides a fast usage service.

Our packages are fixed. Our setup fees are the prices indicated on the packages.

Yes, we provide you with a static IP address in our standard packages. You can also purchase an additional IP address if you need to.

There is no router in our standard packages. However, if it is necessary for you, you can contact us.

You can upgrade easily. You can upgrade at any time without the need for new equipment.

You can upgrade in the middle of the contract. You can contact our customer service team about this.

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