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Virtual Phone Numbers

VoIPinger offers extensive virtual phone number (DID) coverage to over 77 countries and 3250 area codes worldwide of local, national, mobile and toll-free virtual phone numbers. We are delivering our services over Private or Public VoIP SIP Trunks, or through direct PSTN forwarding.

Prices start from as low as £3 per number.

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How do I get a virtual phone number?

You can get a virtual phone number from VoIPinger quickly and easily. Our company provides UK-based VoIP solutions with a professional technical support team.

At VoIPinger, we make it easy to get a virtual phone number for your business. We can set up your virtual phone number and transfer your current service to our service in minutes. We offer super-fast connection and high-quality audio with our best UK-based VOIP solution. Our support team is here to help you get connected as quickly as possible.

Why Businesses of All Sizes Choose VoIPinger?

Our mission is to provide reliable, high-quality, innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Our UK-based company, VoIPinger provides an excellent range of services to businesses, including virtual phone numbers and other VoIP solutions. We have a professional support team available around-the-clock, 365 days a year. We believe in high-quality customer service and consistently deliver the best quality services at the most competitive prices.

Why do you need a virtual phone number?

VoIP Phone System is the key solution for any business that wants to enter the global market. You can easily support your customers with local virtual phone numbers in the countries you wish to enter, and you can easily search for new markets.

Customers don’t always know where you’re located. A virtual phone number can help you overcome that problem, and the customer trust your business needs to thrive in any market.

Share with us what you need. Let us offer special solutions for your business.

Virtual Phone Number FAQs

Virtual Phone Number is a number you will get for your Voip system. This is a new technology that allows you to make voice calls over your broadband Internet connection instead of traditional (or analog) phone lines. It is very convenient and very cheap as it is the easiest way to connect with people on a global scale.

Installation will be done by our professional team. Also, A broadband internet connection is required to setup VoIP Phone System. Because higher call volume requires more bandwidth.

Our VoIP System uses industry-standard encryption technologies such as SSL and VPN.


To connect a VoIP phone to a traditional phone network, you need to install an analog telephone adapter (ATA), which converts analog signals into digital data. In addition, we can offer you all the other equipment required for your VoIP system you want to set up at affordable prices.




To find out how much a virtual number will cost to call local or international numbers, visit our business phone system plans to view predicted costs.




• Cheaper call charges overseas

• Advanced features such as call waiting, voicemail and call blocking

• Ability to call standard network phones through a gateway provider

• Business benefits from streamlining and reducing work environment
Account management tasks and great scalability

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