Business VoIP Phone Service

Business phone systems provide great advantages in increasing the quality of communication. It is possible for your business to grow with a new generation of business phone systems. For this, you can benefit from the most competent business phone systems. Thus, it is ensured that the quality of communication is increased without any great expense. On-premises systems and phone lines are replaced with a cloud-based system. By getting rid of complex processes, a telephone system is created with a private switchboard.

Prices start from as low as £3 per number.

Pay Monthly


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£ 10 Monthly
  • 250 Inclusive minutes per user UK landline and mobile
  • Softphones for mobile and desktop iOS® and Android™, Webphone for PC and MACs
  • One UK number included Keep your existing number or get a new one
  • Selfcare portal Manage your PBX in the cloud and on your app
  • Team presence and messaging. See who is online, message and chat
  • International calls From 3p/min


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£ 18 Monthly
  • Unlimited outbound calls UK landline and mobile
  • Over 100 PBX features IVR, ring group, call queue and more
  • Click to dial Click to dial from most popular CRM
  • Automatic call recording 30 Days unlimited call recording
  • Custom roles and permissions Manage your whole team on different levels
  • International calls From 3p/min


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£ 25 Monthly
  • Unlimited outbound calls UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and Australia
  • 100+ CRM Integrations and API access Including, Salesforce, Hubspot and more
  • Advanced call handling including whisper, barge, and more Empower your managers with powerful analytics
  • Collaboration tools Video conferencing, screen share, chat and SMS
  • Developer platform Full API access
  • International calls From 3p/min

Connect, collaborate, & control effortlessly
with our business VoIP phone system features.

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Create users
Manage your phone
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Call queues
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Voicemail & Voicemail to Email
Team collaboration
CRM integration

Business Phone System Benefits

In general, the business phone system has a lot of benefits. It offers all the possibilities to ensure the fastest growth and development of your business.

One of the advantages of a business phone system is that it only needs an internet connection. Make or receive calls anywhere with an internet connection.

Make or receive calls anywhere with an internet connection.

Communication costs such as lines, calls, equipment, and maintenance are all reduced.

It easily integrates into computers, smartphones, and tablets.

There is scalability, which is of great importance for businesses. Easily add extensions, numbers, and users all at once.

Make HD calls with excellent sound quality.

Portable management with an easy-to-use online portal.

Geographical adaptability

Using call forwarding, voice email, call recording, call queue creation, and call monitoring to implement various redirects.

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Competitive pricing. Fully featured packages.

Free calls to Europe and Americas

from £5 /month (+VAT)

CRM Integration

100+ CRM integrations including Salesforce, Zendesk, and more

from £9 /month (+VAT)

Free calls to 69 countries

from £15 /month (+VAT)

UK Non-geographic numbers

084, 087 and 03

from £2 /month (+VAT)

UK numbers

01, 02 & 03 numbers are available

from £3 /month (+VAT)

International virtual numbers

Over 70 country codes available

from £8 /month (+VAT)

Business Phone Service For Everysize

VoIP, which means voice over internet protocol, exists to take advantage of business phone systems. It is a system that is used to conduct business negotiations and make calls over the Internet. It is possible to use VoIP with a mobile data connection, whether in an office environment or in another location. Using the public switched telephone network (PSTN) is both traditional and costly. On the other hand, VoIP, on the other hand, is effective in controlling and scaling calls, but it is also cost-effective. Get rid of physical restrictions with a business phone system with advanced software.
Cloud software powers VoIP phone systems. This allows searches to be continued in the online portal regardless of location and equipment. You will be able to deploy, configure, or route the phone system from anywhere.

Start using system applications with a free and quick installation. Receive and make instant job calls via mobile and desktop applications. VoIPinger phone systems provide the highest quality and most secure service for businesses. By using a feature-rich and customizable VoIP system, you can encrypt your data end-to-end and start providing professional-grade business services.

business voip phone service

How Our Phone System Works

Unlike traditional calling systems, the VoIP phone system converts calls and transmits them over the Internet. RTP (real-time transmission protocol) and SIP (session initiation protocol) protocols are followed in the process of transporting calls that turn into digital data packets. All calls can be initiated, routed, and terminated without any clutter being observed. While the session is open, the voice packets in the call process are also two-way portable.

Start using your device with your existing setup with VoIP using SIP users. A special SIP user is given to your employees as well. You can easily use and manage all the features in a private cloud system. Configure your system by logging into the intuitive online control panel. Thanks to the infrastructure technologies developed for wired and wireless connections, VoIP providers achieve the most efficient results. In business phone systems software, you can easily add and update the constantly changing business qualities and needs.

Why Businesses of All Sizes Choose VoIPinger

Find out why you should choose VoIPinger with our feature list, which is equipped with the necessary equipment for the needs of businesses.

Uncompetitive affordable installation cost

Save quickly on setup fees without being responsible for the cost of local or international calls.

Concurrent and fast scalability

Reach the level of scalability you need with VoIPinger. Increase your line and user numbers without having to wait for installation. Take advantage of scalability as your business grows.

Choice of monthly plan without contract

Don't make any contracts to choose the best calling plan you need. Take advantage of unlimited calls and free minutes by getting the qualified VoIP phone system plan that meets your demands.

Increasing employee and business productivity

Connect teams with conference bridges, not just in the workplace, but everywhere outside of the workplace. Increase incentives to work in a single portfolio regardless of location with video or audio collaboration.

Hi-tech calls

Make HD quality calls with hi-tech calls. Use next-generation codecs when receiving and making calls.

Rich call forwarding functionality

Set up IRV search menus. Distribute calls to different locations and extensions with intuitive controls. It is easy to perform many more call forwarding attributes.

virtual phone number

Best VOIP phone system for SME business

SME companies are broadly defined as small or medium enterprises. Using the VoIP phone system will provide a great advantage in order to increase customer satisfaction. It is seen that the revenues of SME businesses that offer excellent customer experience are increasing. In this context, the best VoIP phone system is essential for SME businesses. The best small business VoIP phone system include interactive voice response.

Personal customer interaction and self-service are achieved through IVR. Grouping the customers and creating the call queue will reduce the negative feedback from the customers. In this context, the VoIP phone system offers the main cloud software system you should choose. Get a specific VoIP phone system with features like call retrieval, creation of federated and group chats. Thus, you can take a big step towards development and progress in your SME business. Achieve professional business results with VoIPinger, the kind of business phone service that offers CRM integration.

Business Phone Service FAQ

All business phone service and systems questions were answered. Learn about the whole subject, from how VoIP systems work to their advantages, from the cost to the working principle in small businesses.

It is important to use communication services together in order for small businesses to grow rapidly. It gets rid of the complexity of the communication process and provides unified business communication. It allows the continuation of Internet chat, email, texts, or calls from a single system. At the same time, a private cloud system is created for your needs by using the latest technology. Thus, you can have the small business VoIP phone system you need for your business with VoIPinger.

The working principle of business phone systems technology is quite simple. It allows businesses to communicate with customers or other people they contact through a single cloud-based software. With special software prepared for the needs of your business, you can control and direct all messages and communication processes from here. In addition, VoIP has different distribution alternatives, such as cloud-based or in-house. With the hardware installed in your office or data center, you can manage it over the internet from outside the workplace.

Businesses can also save costs with business phone systems, which have an easy installation. In addition, the presentation of HD sound quality also reveals the quality of VoIP systems. Even outside the workplace, system operation can be maintained only with an internet connection. This provides geographic flexibility, allowing businesses to develop rapidly, especially small businesses. The existence of business telephone service in large enterprises is effective in maintaining the entire process in a controlled manner. The scalability offered by VoIP systems is a very important point for a company. Keeping specific features in a wide range of cloud-based software is also among the advantages. It provides benefits such as interactive voice response systems, ring groups, call forwarding, and call queue creation. With all these advantages, it is possible to make your customers happy with business phone service.

Build professional calling and communication networks with business phone systems that offer high and HD sound quality. It is possible to receive and answer calls with successful sound systems using the latest technology in software. Unrivaled and high-definition voice calls can be made. Make calls smoothly with VoIP systems that offer the opportunity to make calls even in virtual meeting rooms. Meet with an uninterrupted connection and high sound quality technology in calls, video conferences.

Business VoIP phone systems are an affordable purchase for all business models. Pay monthly without an annual contract. The cost assessment will vary from a small business VoIP phone system to a medium-sized or large business. Pricing also varies according to the number of users, the number of accounts opened, and the number of SMS recipients. Get small business VoIP phone system more cost-effectively than landline phones. In this process, you can evaluate different plan costs with us.

You will need a VoIP provider to make and receive calls. Your VoIP service provider will assign you a SIP credential and a phone number for calls. In addition, it is necessary to have a sufficient internet connection to make simultaneous VoIP calls without interruption. Move your existing phone number to your new provider so calls can be made on business phone systems. It is also possible to obtain a new business phone number upon request or need. You will also need VoIP phones in the process of realizing the business phone service process. For business use, the VoIP desk phone is just the type that will work for you. If you do not plan to purchase new hardware, you may need a VoIP application that you can use on your smartphone or tablet. Meet all your system’s needs with VoIPinger.

Make and receive calls in HD quality, control call encryption or voicemails from a single system. In terms of the advantages it provides, the small business VoIP phone system is effective for businesses of this size. Choose VoIPinger for rapid development and customer satisfaction. Providing call management, performing corporate chats, and providing various integrations accelerate the growth of businesses. In this direction, the VoIP that you will use specifically for your business will remove the obstacle in front of your progress.

A computer, smartphone, or tablet is sufficient to use VoIP phone systems. However, if you are considering having private desk phones, it is possible to get quality IP phones. You can use VoIP phone systems and make calls with all the IP phones on the market that have PoE power. Offering affordable business call service, IP phones have multiple lines, call logs with hundreds of contacts, automatic dialing, or built-in storage. You can choose IP phones that consist of the most advanced technologies for VoIP.

An internet connection is required for the business phone service to work. In the event of a power outage, the internet connection of desktop phones or other equipment with a VoIP system may be lost. With this process, it is possible to provide continuous operation since it is possible to provide internet connection with a different method. By using smart phones or tablets integrated with VoIP phone systems, work and calls can be made even if there is a power outage.

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