V1 Project Accounting CRM Integration

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Application Information:

Manufacturer:V1 Limited
Application:V1 Project Accounting

Other Information:

Operating System:Windows
Installation Options:Mandatory remote installation required.
Product:Go Integrator sipdesk

Integration Type

Client Add-in

Add-in Classification


Product/License Type


Supported Features (related to latest supported release)
Address book search:
Caller details preview:
Manual screen pop:
Click to dial via Sipdesk Integrator:
Additional features:
Click to dial via Go Integrator:
Auto Screen Pop:
Manual call activity logging:
Automatic call activity logging:
Integration with Notes:

Notes / Advisories:

Please enquire with your service provider to find out more about the features supported for this integration. May require the direct involvement of Access Group. Please check with your Access Dimensions software maintainer as additional costs may be required. If the integration supports caching, please note that cached integrations support up to 30,000 contacts. The live mode method would need to be used for larger directories. The performance will then be determined by a number of additional factors including network speed and application API specification.

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