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Would you like to identify the source of your potential customers? Do you want to know the impact of your digital marketing in terms of generated inbound calls? It helps your businesses level up by finding answers to these questions and enabling you to make data-driven decisions in real-time. If you have a variety of marketing strategies for your business, you’ve probably started generating a lot of leads. But you may also be missing out on other data that can help to produce more.

You may also not know the exact sources of your potential customers. This makes it impossible to measure your digital marketing efforts. If you face these obstacles, dynamic call monitoring can transform your business.

dynamic call tracking

What Is Dynamic Call Tracking?

Dynamic call tracking is a tracking technology that allows businesses to determine which marketing campaigns generate quality leads. It’s achieved by showing different phone numbers for specific online campaigns and to audiences in different regions.

Building leads is very exciting. But it’s much more important to know where they come from. Thanks to call tracking software, it will also be easier for you to know where your potential customers are coming from. Once you identify your lead sources, you can increase your campaigns to get a much better ROI from your digital marketing spending.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Normal or international call monitoring correlates detail to all incoming call traffic of a person or company. It also increases your income. It helps you measure the success of your marketing channels as well.

How Does Dynamic Call Tracking Work?

Dynamic call tracking technology uses dynamic number insertion (DNI) to show different phone numbers to various audiences and in different campaigns. Thanks to this technology, marketers can easily understand which campaigns are generating much more profit. It also allows you to track the progress of your marketing campaigns. It is possible to show the phone numbers defined on the landing pages of certain marketing campaigns.

How Does Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) Work?

DNI setup sounds like a technical amount of time. It seems to be quite simple though. The setup involves adding Java Script lines on all pages of your website and linking different phone numbers to potential sales sources.

JavaScript identifies the source of the lead. It then shows the visitor a predefined phone number. So you can easily track campaigns that generate searches.

What Is A Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)?

What is dynamic number insertion? Dynamic number insertion, or DNI for short, also helps marketers analyze offline customer behavior as they track online behavior using cookies. It has a call tracking feature, such as a unique phone number linked to each ad source.

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) Benefits

Dynamic number addition is the basis for call tracking. That’s why marketers need to install dynamic numbers on their search software or PBX to get the best results. Adding dynamic numbers also has its advantages. These are described below.

Establish a Local Presence for Your Business

Allows you to view DNI. The local phone number can then be used for your business in your online marketing campaigns. For example, if you have offices in states like Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Chicago, you can show local phone numbers to visitors from different regions if you have specific ad groups and ad campaigns for those locations.

Increase Your Budget in Real-Time

Managing an online marketing budget requires you to know about your keywords with ease, and to develop and optimize your lead-generation efforts as well. Through DNI, you can monitor the impact of different paid search campaigns and determine which campaigns generate the most leads.