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  • One channel included
  • 2000 UK landline minutes
  • 1000 UK mobile minutes
  • Call Quality Guaranteed
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  • One channel included
  • Choose from 3 Packages
  • Europe, Americas
  • 60 Countries+
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    Product options

    International Numbers

    from £8 /month (+VAT)

    UK Numbers

    from £3 /month (+VAT)

    CRM Integrations

    from £9 /month (+VAT)

    Number Porting

    from £25 /month (+VAT)

    Benefits of SIP Trunking and Call Management

    Cost Saving

    Thanks to multi-modal communication capability, SIP trunking enables you to save more than 30% on your monthly telecommunications costs.

    Trunk aggregation

    By centralising and eliminating redundant connections, you are able to use idle connections in one location for calls at another, thereby offering increased flexibility over traditional PRI circuits.


    Depending on the needs of your organisation, the ability to add or reduce connection capacity is simple, thereby increasing the flexibility of the service you provide.

    Simplified billing

    By aggregating all the voice and data services into one product, you can take advantage of reduced administration with simplified billing.


    By keeping communications data on pure IP connections as opposed to T1 PRI connections, SIP trunking offers improved voice and video quality, delivering almost HD-like audio.

    • What is SIP Trunks?
    • Why VoIPinger SIP Trunk?

    Business SIP trunking is a service that enables your company to operate a selection of telecommunications systems over your IP network. From cheaper international call costs to improved business flexibility, the benefits you get with Sip Trunks is endless. Incorporating a Disaster Recovery strategy to give access to an increased quantity of numbers, Business SIP trunking from Xinix can enhance the way your business stays connected.

    Our business SIP trunks represent the latest in telecommunications technology. They are a more affordable alternative to ISDN30 line rental and internet services. While retaining a level of performance that is high in flexibility, it can be tailored to your own specific needs.

    Visit our information page on — What is Onsite PBX?

    We are a vastly experienced SIP provider in UK. Our knowledgeable engineers have the expertise needed to help you with all your SIP Trunk needs, including any questions you might have in the first instance.

    We operate our own core network infrastructure to support SIP trunk services.

    We can provide telephone numbers from areas throughout the UK, routing them through to a single office location.

    We deliver compatibility with a wide range of SIP devices from a number of manufacturers.

    We supply a full array of components to connect your system via SIP trunks, taking responsibility for delivering your service from the day you order.

    In addition, we provide a managed service to cover IP connectivity and number management, ensuring that business SIP trunks from Xinix deliver a complete communications solution.

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    The benefits of VoIPinger Cloud Voip Systems

  • Control all your inbound calls and outbound call costs
  • Cheaper alternative to ISDN30e solutions
  • ISDN replacement – save up to 50% on line rental and up to 60% on calls.
  • Inclusive calls to 01,02, 03 and all major UK mobile networks
  • Guaranteed call quality
  • Retain your existing telephone numbers
  • Perfect for all Disaster Recovery requirements
  • Easy management via an app and web portal.
  • Telephony downtime can damage both the finances and reputation of your business. With Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), there is a Disaster Recovery strategy ready to support you in worst case scenarios.

    The first level of resilience in SIP trunking Disaster Recovery is the ability to reroute calls to a backup IP address and/or location. The second level is the ability to divert calls to backup ISDN30e or local telephone numbers on a Direct Dial In (DDI) to DDI basis. With such means of resilience available, there is absolutely no reason for users to be worried about anything when all is being taken care of.
    You can discuss your Disaster Recovery options with our experts today. They will be happy to talk you through the full selection of available services.

    One of the main advantages of choosing Business SIP trunking from Xinix lies in the ability to have numbers from the dialing codes you want to be delivered directly to your office, regardless of location. The ability to centralise numbers from such diverse places as London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Glasgow to a single hub ensures that establishing a nationwide presence for your company is simple. Just specify the dialing codes you desire, and leave us to do the rest.

    We make sure that the quality isn’t compromised in any way. Each IP data packet arrives in the correct order and without delay, one after the other. Thanks to SIP trunking services from Xinix, this steady stream of delivery means that packet loss, time delays, and interruptions in delivery are never experienced. But, the question is how do we achieve this?

    If you’ve ever experienced delays or problems in communication over IP, the most common issue stems from your internet service provider being unable to guarantee that your data will be forwarded onto your ITSP without delays. Instead, it’s often the case that your data will pass through some networks before finally reaching your ITSP, with a corresponding deterioration in quality.

    With Xinix, we ensure that there are no such issues. As a provider of multiple services needed for successful communication, there is no delay or any glitches experienced in quality. Our SIP trunking services guarantee the same ISDN30e call quality, along with the ease and value for money to keep your business at the forefront.

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