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Business VoIP Solution

By nature, we are in constant communication with people. It has become a habit for us rather than a process and work, and it has become an automatic process. Here we come to the topic of communication services in the business. Our communication language in our daily life is not the same as the language we use in our business life. Business communication

It affects productivity and every layer of a company.

So let’s explore everything you need to know:

Business Communication

What is Business Communication? 

Business communication is the process of sharing information between groups within the workplace and between individuals and customers outside the company. Effective business communication is the communication preferred by the team and the founder in line with their common goals. Here, the purpose of communication services in business is to improve in-team practices, minimize errors and resolve possible consequences such as disputes and problems with customers with the least damage. In order to achieve effective business communication, both your communication skills and communication processes must be well planned.

Communication services in business are important for the following reasons:

Why is business communication important?

A strong communication strategy in a company will create higher employee loyalty and more loyal customers. These two factors increase productivity by 25%.

Companies with an effective communication strategy see 19.2% growth over a 12-month period, while others earn 32.7% less. Communication services in business are important for creating a strong, valid, and sustainable relationship with both employees and customers.

Types of Business Communication

Let’s examine them one by one:

If we divide this into two, we first need to examine internal business communication:

You can divide all communications in this spectrum into four types of business communications.

Which Business Communication Services Does My Business Need?

The answer to this question depends on the size and preferences of your business. Because basically there is no single and definitive solution that works for everyone. But one thing is certain, you should only use the business communication services that you need and will actually use, and you should find them yourself.

Let’s say you want to use a business scheduling app like Trello and you spend weeks trying to find the best solution for your team. But then you learn that no one from the team is using this app while reporting to each other and providing information about the process. Because your team can handle their briefs and notifications faster among themselves and does not need this application. Here this is an unnecessary solution, it will cost your precious time and money.

Problems That Effective Business Communication Can Solve

Open and effective communication is important so that teams, personnel, and managers do their jobs properly and fulfill their necessary responsibilities. When communication is tried to be managed without the right processes and tools, the flow of information is interrupted, the flow of information cannot be provided and a lot of information remains in the air. This can lead to dissatisfied employees and bosses, as well as losing customers and financial loss.

Transparent information flow is the main goal of a business communication process. Therefore, when choosing communication services in business, you should pay attention to the following:

1) Email overload and lack of everyday productivity and clarity

In many workplaces, many employees receive a lot of mail, especially misdirected, missent, and spam messages. In the face of this mail mess, emails from important customers and briefs from your superiors can be overlooked. In fact, it is known that an employee receives an average of 120 to 150 e-mails per day. With an effective communication service in business, companies can reduce distractions.

2) Horizontal and vertical communication silos

Most of the time, teams and departments do not share necessary information with each other and communication can be disrupted. At other times, the department manager is usually very busy and it is always difficult to reach. These silos are easily formed, often without anyone noticing. However, effective communication services in business can be used to solve this problem.

3) Poor communication with remote employees

If there is one thing that is certain about business processes after the pandemic, it is that the remote working system becomes permanent. According to a report, employees no longer want to come to the office all the time and work in a region. On the other hand, when it comes to the remote system, an effective, effective and conciliatory communication language is a must. Cooperation and effective communication can be achieved with communication services in business.

4) Employee turnover/Low employee engagement

Losing ideal employees in your organization can mean losing a loyal employee, losing loyal customers, and paying higher wages to replacements. Because losing an employee can cost twice that employee’s annual salary at an annual rate. On the other hand, with effective communication services in business suitable for your business processes, you can solve these problems before they even exist.

5) Poor customer service

Poor communication in an organization disrupts customer relations. First of all, those who work in communication with the customer may not have the qualified skills to have the necessary information. Secondly, customers may experience an unpleasant experience by being affected by this bad communication.

In fact, we all know that positive employee attitudes and effective communication language affect customer satisfaction.

Business Communication Channels

Let’s check the effective communication services in businesses that suitable for your business:

1) Web-based communication

Effective communication services in business include daily e-mail and instant messaging applications. These apps are everyday communication channels like Slack, Hangouts, and even Nextiva Chat.

The advantage of emails and messages is the ability to quickly manage inter-team and private conversations with customers, as well as being able to share a message from several to hundreds of people at the same time.

2) Telephone meetings

Efficient and fast-paced meetings can be easily managed with phones. It is known that verbal communication reflects our feelings and thoughts to the other party much more clearly than written communication. Therefore, you can include this communication service in your business processes.

3) Video conferencing

Video conferences are much more effective than phone calls. Just as phone calls convey what we mean to the other party more clearly with factors such as the tone of voice and the choice of words used compared to written communication, video conferences allow us to communicate more clearly with our gestures and facial expressions. Video conferencing in communication services in business is one of the most used methods by companies.

4) Face-to-face meetings

Face-to-face communication is the only solution that is better than written, telephone, or video conferencing. Here, your customer can be easily influenced by many factors such as gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice, facial expression, and posture of your employee, and business collaborations can be provided more easily. Face-to-face communication will create a more intimate feeling.

5) Reports and official documents

Reports and documents inform your customers that you really follow their business and that you are a detailed reporting system, providing trust and loyalty to your company. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary for your employees to include communication services in business reporting in their business processes.

6) Presentations

Presentations are one of the most necessary communication services in business methods for establishing new agreements, showing existing data to customers, and presenting a company presentation in the clearest and error-free way of data and statistics that cannot be remembered or forgotten in verbal communication.

7) Forum boards and FAQs

An open area that customers can access to view the FAQ allows them to see and learn the answers to their questions and creates an assurance between the customer and the workplace. Forums can work in a similar way.

8) Surveys

Internal and external research is extremely helpful for customers to see feedback about the company, measure satisfaction, and see how your niche is benefiting in their industry. By making case studies explicit, you can reassure your clients. Research is one of the most important tools for communication services in businesses.

9) Customer management activities

This may include any customer relations activity. Examples may include live chat support, customer relationship management, communication robot, CRM system, and many more. It is important for customers to know that there is a service they can access in case of any problem.