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Virtual phone numbers for Bahrain

VoIPinger offers extensive virtual phone number (DID) coverage to over 77 countries and 3235 area codes worldwide of local, national, mobile and toll-free virtual phone numbers. We are delivering our services over Private or Public VoIP SIP Trunks, or through direct PSTN forwarding.

Prices start from as low as £3 per number.


Pricing below is for 1 DID. Capacity (trunk channels) to receive inbound calls must be purchased separately. Many locations can share trunk channels. Click here to see all of the trunk and channel pricing.

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DID Coverage for Bahrain


More Information

Virtual phone numbers for Bahrain

You can buy a Bahrain virtual phone number in less than 3 minutes from anywhere in the world using VoiPinger. Your Bahrain virtual phone numbers will be displayed to your customers when you make outgoing calls. Incoming calls can be received by forwarding your phone number or by using our system.

Advanced Features of Virtual Phone Numbers Bahrain

Power dialer, smart switch, global connect, smart call forwarding, call transfer, call conference, call recording, voice mail, call analytics, on hold music, call barging, and call queuing software are just a few of the advanced features of Bahrain virtual phone numbers.

Bahrain Phone Numbers in the Cloud

Calls to your Bahrain phone lines can be managed and directed using web-based, user-friendly online tools that combine traditional telephony infrastructure with our cloud technology. As an example:

To route inbound calls to Bahrain virtual phone numbers to your own network, you can use VoIP, TDM, the public internet, a direct peering connection, or any combination of these.

How do I get a Bahrain phone number?

  • Sign up and purchase the Bahrain phone number you desire.
  • Enter your user name and password. You will be taken to your dashboard, where you will see various settings.
  • Select Bahrain as the country, and we will retrieve your phone number, or you can enter a specific area code.
  • Give your local Bahrain phone number a name.
  • Make the payment, and you’re done!

How long does it take to get a Bahrain phone number?

It only takes minutes via VoiPinger’s user-friendly infrastructure.

How many digits is a Bahrain phone number?

Bahrain’s telephone numbers consist of 8.

What is the Bahrain phone number code?

The Bahrain phone number code is +973.