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Virtual phone numbers for Saudi Arabia

VoIPinger offers extensive virtual phone number (DID) coverage to over 77 countries and 3235 area codes worldwide of local, national, mobile and toll-free virtual phone numbers. We are delivering our services over Private or Public VoIP SIP Trunks, or through direct PSTN forwarding.

Prices start from as low as £3 per number.


Pricing below is for 1 DID. Capacity (trunk channels) to receive inbound calls must be purchased separately. Many locations can share trunk channels. Click here to see all of the trunk and channel pricing.

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DID Coverage for Saudi Arabia

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More Information

Virtual phone numbers for Saudi Arabia

If you are looking for a service to get Saudi Arabia virtual phone numbers, you are at the exact place. By having Saudi Arabia virtual phone numbers, you can receive and make calls, and forward them.

Virtual phone numbers are the best way for exploring new territories for your business. They considered actual phone numbers with a difference. Virtual numbers don’t attach to any physical phone line or a SIM Card. Rather, they pursue the same process via the Internet by Android, iOs, and web apps.

Your virtual phone number in Saudi Arabia brings some advanced features such as international call forwarding, constant access to the support team, and the chance of editing, removing, and adding your numbers online.

Advanced Features of Virtual Phone Numbers Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia virtual phone numbers advanced features listed below:

  • Be a local in Saudi Arabia

A local phone number is one of the key features of building a reliable local identity just like a physical store. However, since you cannot move your business worldwide, you need to get a virtual phone number to reach customers in Saudi Arabia and to be picked by them up. In this way, you can get rooted in the local cities, easily.

  • Improve customer relationships

Having a local phone number makes improving relationships with customers simpler. If you have already Arab customers and want to reach them, or make them reach you, you need to get Saudi Arabia virtual phone numbers. This leads your potential customers to feel free to reach you.

  • Arrange hours that you’re reachable

You will need a virtual phone number while you’re working globally, which means your time zone and holidays might be different than customers’. That’s why you need to arrange hours that you’re reachable. VolPinger allows you to set the days and times of the day you’re reachable. Neither customers face an unpleasant situation nor do you have to work 24/7 in this way.

  • Create a company greeting

Creating a company greeting is the best way of showing your professionalism to the customers. A voice menu will help customers to be directed to the right section, and pleasant music during the transfer period will make them feel relaxed.

  • Multi devices and apps

Saudi Arabia virtual phone numbers can be integrated into multiple devices and apps. Your business can make and reach unlimited calls.

  • Call recording

You can record all of your business conversations and can listen to them later.

  • Call forwarding

You can easily forward incoming calls to any device from your Saudi Arabia virtual phone numbers.

  • Video conferencing

Saudi Arabia virtual phone numbers provided by VolPinger allow you to arrange video conferences and screen sharing.

Saudi Arabia Phone Numbers in the Cloud

VolPinger’s cloud technology blended with traditional phone infrastructure allows you to control your Saudi Arabia virtual phone numbers with our tools. As a result, your virtual phone numbers can be forwarded to your own network and landlines.

Saudi Arabia virtual phone numbers come with many advanced cloud-based phone systems such as voice menus, call recording, voice mail, call center, and conferencing.

How do I get a Saudi Arabia phone number?

You don’t need to be a citizen of Saudi Arabia to get a virtual phone number. You can get a virtual phone number from 78 countries just by giving essential information to our system. Afterward, our high-skilled technical team will reach out.

How long does it take to get a Saudi Arabia phone number?

You need to provide information to get Saudi Arabia virtual phone numbers. After that, our team will reach out to complete the process. Once your number is activated, you can use it! It only takes minutes to complete the process.

How many digits is a Saudi Arabia phone number?

Saudi Arabia phone numbers consist of 10 digits in total. The calling code of the country is +966. It is supposed to be seen as something like that: 011 XXX XXXX, 012 XXX XXXX.

What is the Saudi Arabia phone number code?

It is +966.