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Business VoIP Solution

What is a PBX?

PBX phone system refers to a private branch exchange of a business or another organization. Thanks to the PBX phone system, users can communicate with each other over their extension lines, as well as make external calls. Many useful features in the business world, such as auto attendant, call transfer, call forwarding, voice mail, come with the PBX phone system. That’s why PBX phone system for small business to develop is very important.

PBX systems work over VoIP, analog or digital phone-lines, allowing the physical line in the enterprise to be divided and support more than one phone. And in doing so ensures that all calls between users are free.

What is a PBX?
What is a PBX?

Types of PBX Phone System

Specific PBX phone systems are available for your company. Let us help you choose the PBX system that will support your business in the most effective way and help you grow. Especially before using a PBX phone system for small business.

Analog PBX Phone System

This traditional in-office system, which is analog, connects to the PSTN via POTS lines and this system has been in use for decades. The analogue PBX phone system allows making and transferring calls within the premises. Telephone calls, fax transmissions are handled by the PBX. And this is done using physical phone lines.

Apart from this, the analog PBX system also manages incoming and outgoing calls using outside lines. As we mentioned in another article, analog telephone systems precede the internet and use traditional copper lines. These analogues do not have the ability to use the features of smartphones that offer much more features. And you may have to deal with them when your business grows. Adding new jacks and cables can be time consuming and costly. But since the PBX systems are independent, the connection is not affected even if the internet is disconnected.

VoIP PBX System

A VoIP PBX phone system has the same features as a traditional PBX, but is built on top of that and is a newer version. Despite this, the cost is also more appropriate. For this reason, PBX phone system for small business is also preferred in this regard.

IP PBX phone system uses internet protocol instead of traditional phone-lines and voice is converted to data transmitted over internet. And then to voice that is transmitted to receiver. 

IP PBX phone system for small business is a very sensible choice. Because when the company grows, your PBX phone system can easily be scaled according to the company. It also comes with many features that the analog PBX phone system cannot do. BOYD (bring your own device) mobility messaging, video conferencing etc. Also it can work in multiple locations.

VoIP PBX System
VoIP PBX System

On Premises and Cloud PBX System

Cloud PBX

It is a subtype of the IP system and is also known as virtual PBX or hosted PBX. The only equipment required to be able to use it is a physical phone with an internet connection. And everything else is taken care of by the service provider. All incoming-outgoing calls are forwarded by the service provider, which forwards a call to the public switched network PTSM or voice to data packets.

A broadband connection to the internet is sufficient for these. Thus, multiple devices such as smart phones, office conference phones are supported and advanced features are offered on a wide scale.

On-Premises PBX

In this option, IP technology over voice is used in the same way and the basic features are the same. But servers are kept in place to manage incoming and outgoing calls.

The initial costs of installation and maintenance can be cited as disadvantages of the on-premise PBX setup. So before choosing this PBX system, companies should be sure that they have an IT system that they can maintain it. But then these costs are covered and costs come down and then the on-premises PBX allows users to stick with an existing series provider. And systems are configured internally.

Benefits of a PBX System

The benefits of PBX systems may vary depending on the type to be selected. For example, an analog PBX phone system for small business may work more statically for the growth of your business. We shall now examine them more closely.

Benefits of Hosted PBX Phone Systems

Check out the PBX phone system for small business or growing businesses:

Together with these, Hosted PBX phone system for small business is a very good decision. Investing in telephone infrastructure makes a lot of sense when the business has no funds.

Benefits of On-site PBX

Some advantages of on-site PBX:

Choosing A PBX System for Your Business

PBX is a very good and logical choice for many businesses. But there are some criteria to consider when deciding which PBX system is the best according to their needs: 

Your Infrastructure 

The existing infrastructure must be taken into account when choosing a PBX. Such as:

Your Size and Projected Growth

Do you need PBX phone system for small business or larger? Do you need features like service type, number of lines, video conference call forwarding and more? Or which of these do you need? All of which will affect your PBX system choice. You may want to examine to get a professional business phone system service for your small business and for your large scale size of business. 

Your Budget

While any service has a cost, anything can be completely free depending on your choices. For example, if there is a VoIP PBX line in the company, you can add and remove lines easily and free of charge. However, an analog configuration requires payment and physical installation costs for new lines.

Operational Model 

How your business works is important in this context. Do you have field personnel who stay in touch with the outside world? Or do you spend most of your work time in the office? Is the technology in your business advanced or are you still using traditional technology? VoIP technology for small business, voIP technology for large-scale business. VoIP technology for all kinds of business and working style is waiting to be chosen by you.